The Single Platform Myth

Let’s try single view

Its the Swiss army knife of platform software – it slices, dices and even does laundry! Every major platform company is trying to consolidate the features, functions and insights into one, super-charged platform for all. It doesn’t work. There is no such thing. Sure, there are plenty of foundations for different features like social login, reviews on products, fancy dashboards, and so on, but really how good are all these features and does it even make sense to you?

Every platform representative has the ‘we can do that too!’ moment. Testing functions, analytical dashboards for everyone, personalised web pages, content and document management, you name it.

As of April 2019, ChiefMartech has catalogued over 7,000 different technologies including web analytics, social media monitoring and listening and more than 40 other categories.  This technology landscape has grown more then 450% in the last 8 years.  Media Monitoring and coverage monitoring is barely touched on this list which indicates we have a much wider technology landscape than we can measure.

25% of the platform function is good, usable and cutting edge. The rest is just trying to catch up with the slew of other software providers that have been doing similar functions longer and with more skill. This isn’t about winning the race in testing or leading the pack in analytics. Most of the qualifying legs are over. This software wasn’t even in the race! And now – they are playing catch-up often at the expense on what originally made their software great.



“Measurement is fabulous.  Unless you’re busy measuring what’s easy to measure as opposed to what’s important.”

– Seth Godin

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