As an independent, we are positioned to effectively and credibly report on communications performance as we do not rely on the outcomes to show value. We build our models on data and attributes that are entirely objective in order to create a reliable algorithm for performance tracking. This leads to a transparent, unbiased, and above all accurate process for measuring the success of any and all campaigns or activities.

Analytics & REporting Consulting

Knowing where to start is the hardest step to take for any good measurement program.  Our consultancy team works with you to map out your overarching objectives and create the foundation for good, repeatable measurement and analytics.

Bespoke measurement solutions

Regardless of which data platform, media measurement or web analytics providers you use today, our goal is to create seamless and simple ways to connect the data and create a singular view of your performance

Template Development & Training

Working with your team and your data, we will create simple, easy to reproduce reporting templates that you can use to measure outcomes quickly and conveniently while maintaining consistent metrics throughout the campaign. 

Advanced Perception REporting, mEASUREMENT & Analysis

Sometimes we need to go deeper than just the performance data to explore the context and content influencing our data.  Our consultants work with your team to find out not just what has happened, but why.


Trusted Partner

(A) passion for data and insights helped her clients to fundamentally improve their business metrics and become more successful. Kristin is creative, empathetic and a great listener. And that’s why her clients and her colleagues love her.

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